Start Selling on Amazon

We will set up and launch a profitable ecommerce store for you and then manage, and grow it without requiring your time.

You don’t have to have a store already, ecommerce experience, nor any inventory.
We manage product listing, sales, fulfillment, customer service – We will even assist you through setting up the Amazon account.

Before Starting With Us


Schedule a time with an Acquisition Analyst.


You will learn about our model.


You will ask all of your questions.

Our Acuisition Analyst is here to answer all of your most difficult questions. For certain technical questions, the Operations Director who directly manages the stores will join.


See live stores so you can see the proof.


We will send you an agreement an agreement to sign.

Our Acquistion Analyst will walk you through agreement so you know exactly what terms you are agreeing to. You are about to set up a business so we want you to feel 100% confident in your decision.


Incorporate a Business

We will advise you on the best corporate structure for your new Ecommerce Business.

Set Up Amazon Seller Central Account

We will walk you through the paperwork and application process.


You will provide our team members access to your Seller Central Account.


Product Research

We will identify “hot” and evergreen products from reputable suppliers that have the value propositions and financial indicators of succesful products.


Our team will list products on the platform.


Our team handle processing orders, customer service, and returns.



As sales grow, so will customer reviews for our store (what is called “feedback”).

Margin Growth

The additional value allow us to increase our prices, resulting in a net increase in the margin.

Sales volume

As reviews, margin, and the listing volume all increase, so will the overall monthly order and sales volume too.



Updates our transactions, gross sales, COGS, profit, profit margin percentage, and other metrics in real time.


The enterprise-grade financial reporting provided by Amazon along with the Sales Tracker and supplier purchases provide a clear picture on monthly, quarterly, and YTD profits. Additionally, they will help with reconciling your accounting records.

We Deliver Results

See examples of other successful stores.

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