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How does it work?


Three steps:

  1. We list products from different suppliers that customers then buy.

  2. We then process the orders by paying the suppliers to ship the product to the customer.

  3. Money goes into the bank.


 FFor bank account there are two options:


  1. Option 1: YOUR bank – For the money to go to your bank, you will have to set up a supplier account and then authorize our team to purchase the product to ship to the customer. You will get paid by Ebay in a few days. You will have to have a credit line of over $5k for this to make sense and set up the supplier account can take up to 10 hours of your time which we can walk you through. If you are concerned about us using your credentials, there are two options. (A.) put a credit limit on the card to make sure that our team is actually using the card to fulfill orders. Once you can trust us, you can increase the limit or (B.) choose Option 2. Below.

  2. Option 2: OUR bank – Money for customers orders will go to our bank account. We will set up the supplier accounts and fulfill customer orders using our capital. With either option, sales could take a few months to generate, just like in any business. If we are doing our bank we will pay you a percentage of your profit split. If you are concerned that we will not pay you, please consider: (A.) we are highly disincentivized from playing money games with you. We are using YOUR account, if you kick us off, we can not sell anymore. (B.) option 1. Is always an option.



What is the process from here:


  1. Schedule a call with me. I will be able to answer any questions you have that you can not find here

The golden rule dictates. Your time is very valuable. Our time is just as valuable. We potentially paid over $100 in ads just for you to schedule a call with us. If you are late to the call or miss it, without notifying us beforehand, we will still work with you. However, tardiness or missing a call indicates to us that you do not value our time as much as you do yours. For this reason, it is within our right to reduce our offer. HOWEVER, if you are professional, by notifying us we will NOT reduce the offer. In fact, acting in a professional manner and communicating with us in such a way, gives us every reason to INCREASE our offer to you. 


Some people might be offended, and I am sorry if it does – perhaps the analogy of the date will make sense. If you have a date with someone you care about, would you be late or ghost them? If you do, they might think you think you do not care. If you want a more professional analogy, think of the job interview. If you miss it, they will think you don’t care. If you ask for the interview again, they might give it to you but they might not. I think you understand the point. If you care about making money and you care about this opportunity, show us you care and that you will expend the effort. This opportunity is intended for respectful inquiries from professionals that respect our time as much as their own. Thank you for your understanding.

Why do you need our eBay accounts? 


The answer is, frankly, we might not. The value of using your eBay account depends on the age of the account, whether you have done any sales on it and a host of other factors. We will need you to share information about your account and then, potentially, take a look at your account with you so we can see it for ourselves before we make an offer. We might become business partners – we can’t dive in before doing our due diligence.

How do I know that you can do what you say you can do?

Take a look at this screenshot of one of our eBay accounts. This is what we can do. If you want to see proof, we can schedule a screen-share for you to see the account live yourself.








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