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We do build our own stores but the reason why we continue to take on clients is so we have additional capital to test and find winning products. When we’ve identified a winner we can and will profitably spend $10,000/day to promote the winning link. When we get started with your $20,000 we’ll start with a budget of $20/day. The more budgets and campaigns we start the more likely we will be to find the big winner.

After you make payment you will be immediately connected with your account management team via Whatsapp. Within a week your site will be up with your first customers buying in the next 2-3.

We have our program designed to make sure that our clients get at least half of their money back by month 6 with a full return by month 9 at the latest. We’ve had plenty of stores make full returns in 6-7 months.

Other than the franchise fee we require $5,000 in working capital to manage the growth of the store. Other than that your Shopify store will be completely automated. 

This is a done for you service, it doesn’t take any time for you to grow or manage this business.

You will be contacted with a monthly report via email and whatsapp. You also will always be able to transparently track your profits through the Shopify app that you can download on your phone.

Once we’ve been able to establish a profitable product we will use your credit to increase the amount of available cash flow that we can invest into marketing. Each month we will increase the ad spend while also using the profits to pay off the balance. Our intent is to build positive credit for the purpose of exponentially increasing our ad spend once the store is profitable.

When your store is deemed to be profitable you will have the opportunity to increase your spending budget to scale the store.

We split the profits 50/50 with you for the lifetime of the store.

Steve hired All Done Consulting to market his services at his wholesale price in order to grow his company and free up his time to focus on what he does best. For the first time ever in our industry clients don’t have to pay a commission to get started with an online business. Instead, Ecommerce Marketing Agency pays ADC a consulting fee for delivering an agreed amount of signed customers. All parties win.

You get three advantages by going through ADC directly. 1) Consultation/ Strategy- we take the time to answer all of your questions while also providing you with additional collateral about what it takes to get started with any online business. 2) Additional security- By transacting through All Done Consulting you receive the added benefit of having an additional American company co-sign on your 12 month buy back guarantee. 3) Free training- By going through ADC you will also receive video and group coaching on how to set up a profitable funnel in any niche.

Yes, after about 2-3 years of profitability these stores can be sold at  2-4 times the stores annual profit. 

We created a training teaching people how to structure and launch a profitable sales funnel in any niche.

 As you can imagine following Covid 19 there has been a large demand for ecommerce consulting services due to the fact that so many real estate and brick and mortar investors are now forced to rethink their portfolios. For that reason we are asked this question almost on a daily basis. We used to coordinate and schedule appointments for prospects to speak to our clients but it has gotten to the point where it is a disturbance to them. Our clients didn’t buy an online business to vouch for our company, they did so to purchase passive income. When you buy our store I imagine you won’t want to take 3-5 testimony calls for us per day, will you?

campaigns will be launched using your franchise fee and eventually your credit line. We follow a drop shipping model where the fulfilment center covers the cost to ship meaning you never have to have your money tied up into inventory. After the customer pays for the item profit is immediately deposited into the Shopify merchant. Based upon the current spend budget a certain percentage will be reinvested into advertising/ paying off the monthly credit payment. The remaining capital left from there is the net which is split 50/50 monthly.

Steve is the founder and CEO of E Commerce marketing agency. He specializes in delivering clients profitable returns.

PS: If you’re one of those people that skips straight to the bottom of the letter here’s the deal. All Done Consulting and Ecommerce Marketing Agency have created a partnership to deliver unmatched value to our customers. 

Thanks to a new marketing agreement we made we are now able to offer our clients Shopify Automation at a wholesale price meaning you will never have to pay a commission for our services. 

This partnership was created to speed up the growth of both companies while also creating a better deal for you. Now you get to buy Shopify Automation at a cheaper price with a 12 month money back guarantee from two American companies with a proven multiple 6 figure track record. 

In addition to this security we’re also offering to provide all of our clients with free training on how they can set up a personal online business on their own time. 

I’m offering you a business where you don’t have to do ANYTHING to make money online. 

But if you want to have hands on control. Then I will teach you everything you need to know to build your own. 

Basically. I’m handing you training wheels and when you’re ready…

You can ride off into the sun set. 
Schedule a Consultation with me if you’re ready to learn more about how to get started with your next online business.  I look forward to seeing you win.

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