We Build and Grow Your Ecommerce Store

With our Shopify program we build you a personalized online store, handle product research & shipping, while also managing your paid advertisement campaigns.

If you’re tired of

  • Reviewing business opportunities
  • Feeling that you never get the best deal
  • Trying new things only to end in failure

Then I have the perfect solution for you. If you’re reading this letter then you have been handed the keys to making money online.

The Opportunity

Done For You Shopify Automation.
Let us test the products, build the site and generate the profits.
You sit back and collect 50% of the net profit for the lifetime of the store.

How It Works

Our Proven Process

1. Site Set Up

Load site with products and logo designed.

2. Test Traffic

We begin to test products with a modest budget to establish winners and profitable audiences.

3. Sales

Beginning shortly after traffic begins but not immediately. Steady sales begin after 50-100 purchases which is done within the first 30-45 days as we begin to build data from lookalike audiences and other metrics.

4. Scaling

We report to you every month with profit statements so you can determine if you want to pull out your funds or reinvest using credit to increase your store’s growth.

Our job is to produce profit-generating stores.

From there how much you earn is up to you.

Why This Is The Best Automation Model

01/Less Competition

Amazon is the largest ecom platform. Everyone knows that. There are 10-20 7 figure Amazon sellers we can introduce you to. Ecommerce Marketing Agency is the only credible Shopify Automation service we’ve been able to find to be credible.

02/Safer Purchase

Amazon clearly states in its terms of service that you can’t use drop shipping strategies on their site, yet everyday more of these stores are successfully set up and managed. With Shopify you skip the risk of being shut down, as consultants we feel more confident offering this to our clients.

03/Faster ROI

Once a profitable product is identified with our Shopify program profits can be multiplied quickly. With Amazon, growing your store is a slow and steady approach.

04/Scaling Your Profits

In addition to delivering you faster returns, we also don’t force you to tie your money up into inventory for weeks on end. Instead, if you have access to additional working capital, we can immediately convert it into paying customers = profit into your pocket.

05/More Security

Unlike with many ecommerce automation models a grand total of 0 of your dollars will be sent overseas to hire offshore workers. Instead with this deal you have two American companies/ CEO’s signing off on your 12 month buy back guarantee. We want you to be successful, every client that wins opens us multiple streams of additional profit. That’s why we stand by what we do.

How The Opportunity Works

The Cost of Our Shopify Automation Services

 A One time payment of $20,000 + $5,000 in working capital. 

We consider $20,000 to be our franchise fee to set up a new Shopify account for you

With this purchase you receive


  • A functional Shopify site

  • A expert to test winning products for you

  • An Ad Agency to scale the profits of your store

  • Monthly Reports

  • Lifetime Management 

  • The opportunity to sell at a 2-3x multiple in 2 years.

Like with any business this one requires working capital to function. In addition to your franchise fee we also request a $5,000 line of credit to scale the profits of the store. 

We do not require you to spend $5,000 in one shot. It is a line of credit that we incrementally each month use to ensure healthy profits and continued growth for the business. For example in the first month we may only spend $250-$500 while in month 12 we can be spending $10,000 or more per day profitably. 

Store profits will be used to pay off your card so you’re not forced to make payments out of pocket. 

Our Model

When it comes to marketing, whoever spends the most makes the most. 
This is why we leverage the relationships we have with our clients to make money faster.


For the one time payment of $20,000 + $5,000 Ad spend you will receive 50% ownership of a profit producing Shopify store for the lifetime of the account. 

After your purchase you will be entered into a group chat with your account management team with instructions on how to set up and track the growth of your store. 

You will be given monthly reports on the growth of your store and projected returns with continued increased ad spend. 

We at All Done Consulting and Ecommerce Marketing Agency are offering you a 12 month buy back clause which clearly states.
If for any reason you do not receive a profitable return above your principal purchase in 12 months you are entitled to a full refund. 

Ecommerce Training

In addition to your automated Shopify store. We at All Done Consulting are also going to offer you a free video training that will teach you how to develop a successful personal brand sales funnel. (If this is an interest to you) 

In addition to this we also will be providing monthly group coaching calls to help you strategize launching your own online business from start to finish. With this model once you have profits coming from your Shopify store, you’ll have a refined strategy to diversify your income

What is a Ecommerce Marketing Agency?

Purchase an Automated Business Create a Hands Free Income Develop Skills That Will Change Your Life
It’s All Done.

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