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With our Walmart Automation service we build you a personalized online store, handle product research & shipping, while also managing your fulfilment and customer service.

Our Proven Process

Walmart Authorization- It typically takes 7-14 business days to be authorized to open an account on Walmart. Walmart requires that you set up an LLC to open up an account on their platform. If you do not have an LLC we will assist you with setting one up.

Product Listings- we use software to see what is selling well on Walmart. We match these search results with at least +50 product listings with an average profit margin of 20-30%.

Outsourced Fulfillment- the customer on Walmart pays for the product at the retail price. Walmart retains possession of the capital for 14 days. To be an active seller on the platform you need to have a credit limit of at least $5,000 available to purchase the product at the wholesale price to deliver to the customer in 2-5 business days. After the two week pay cycle Walmart will release the retail profits to your account paying down your working capital inventory budget.

Profit Splits- Every four weeks you pay the company the agreed profit share portion to maintain the service for the lifetime of the account.

Why this is the best model?


Less competition– Amazon is the largest ecom platform. Everyone knows that. There are over 2 Million Amazon sellers on the market. The Amazon drop shipping model has been proven through our network hundreds of times over the last 3 years. Walmart presents a similar opportunity in its infancy. There are currently only 30,000 sellers on the platform with over 400,000 million monthly visitors. 


Safer Purchase– Amazon clearly states in its terms of service that you can’t use drop shipping strategies on their site, yet everyday more of these stores are successfully set up and managed. With Walmart you skip the risk of being shut down, as consultants we feel more confident offering this to our clients. 


Faster ROI- Due to the lack of competition/ buy box program Walmart stores can see significant profits in just 90-120 days vs 6-12 months with Amazon. 


More Security– Unlike with many ecommerce automation models your money is invested directly into the United States. With this deal you have two American companies/ CEO’s signing off on your 12 month buy back guarantee. We want you to be successful, every client that wins opens us multiple streams of additional profit. That’s why we stand by what we do. 

Why Walmart?

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